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Interesting Times Magazine #05


Featuring 96 pages of our sharpest content to date, it is not only the largest issue we've produced, but also the most intense. As usual, the Interesting Times Magazine brings you interesting reviews, articles and interviews; indispensable thoughts from our authors on how to survive the turbulent days of the present.

Review: The 4 Hour Work Week, by Tim Ferriss
Top 10 tips and hacks
The Hank Rearden of Scandinavia, an interview with Morten Lund
Should we sell out?
How to network awesomely in the world of Cyberpunk 2010
Lovestyle design
Review: How to get rich, by Felix Dennis
A student's unusual academic success
The Ferrisspunk Manifesto
Do as I think, not as I say
Under the bar
So you want my lifestyle, Treasure hunter
Lifestyle design from the survivalist perspective
How they made a billion
Picking up girls with the 8 circuit model
Hacking songwriting
Standing out in the crowd
So you want my lifestyle, Mad inventor
The Chinese e-boom minefield

Language English
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